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Bass sloughs, cutouts, and trbutaries seem endless on the Lower Sac. This can be a great option to take a little break from striper or shad fishing. These fish can even be found in areas right next to trout water.

Bass tactics here can vary greatly from stripping streamers on the surface in shallow water, to dredging 12' down, to frogs, or topwater baitfish. 

The visual aspect of this fishing is noteworthy. Lots of sightfishing or watching fish take your flies. Smallmouth here can be some of the hardest fighting fish pound for pound. And there are absolute giants.


But not always needed for those happy with lots of smaller stripers

Floating the Lower Sacramento River Shad is one of my favorite options. Precise control in the drift boat while swinging makes things very enjoyable. Getting out and wet wading while casting switch rods can make for a nice break from the hot weather. This river is loaded with shad in the 2-4lb range. And they fight.

This is not technical fishing and anglers get to enjoy using more traditional swinging tactics using 6 weights. These fish can even be found sipping dries at times. 

Full day floats work great. And 1/2 day or evening floats can be a great option as well. This is some of the most fun and laid back fishing around! We can always dedicate an hour or two for stripers and/or bass on these floats as well.

In a single day float here, we can target stripers, shad, smallmouth bass, & largemouth bass. Not to mention giant squawfish and carp. These grand slams can be had!




Sac River Stripers, Bass, & Shad


Aside from the more popular trout, steelhead, and salmon options Sac has to offer, the river has a few additional predatory game-fish more than willing to eat a fly on fewer anglers radar's.


Smallmouth & Largemouth Bass


Largely pioneered with the fly by Hogan Brown, Sacramento River Striper fishing is a great option for all fly anglers. These trips offer anglers a shot at a true fish of a lifetime. The small fish in the 1-3lb range can be fairly easy to catch, in good numbers too. However the larger stripers that everyone wants can be much more of a challenge. It's helps greatly to have experience for those who want a more legitimate shot at these. This is big gamble type fishing. As a guide I can't promise giant fish every trip. But when the moons align, the payoff is huge.

These are the most sporty and hard fighting fish Northern California has to offer.

What's unique about my striper trips is I'm one of the few guides to offer drift boat trips for these. Floating for stripers can be nice and relaxing, and we'll always be the most stealthy boat on the water. 5 years of powerboat experience personally chasing stripers on the valley rivers has given me the confidence I need to locate these fish in a drift boat for guiding. 

Some guidance from Ryan Johnston has helped me allot for this local water as well. 

These fish rarely get targeted. This can be like fishing a private pond that has both largemouth & smallmouth. Only floating for miles in a drift boat with stripers & shad in the mix.

Trout to stripers in one day!