Top notch, patient instructing for anyone. A big sales pitch if I may...

Let's say you're a seasoned angler and want a trip where you can BOTH get YOUR money's worth and bring a brand new angler along... We can make this happen!

For local Bass fisheries, we've obtained a vast amount of knowledge on waters even the most experienced of fly anglers know little about. So on Lake Oroville, seasoned anglers will benefit by obtaining knowledge on a new fishery/species, while new anglers can enjoy high fish numbers and easy fishing.

An expert angler along with a beginner will get at least one of the following 5 options:

1. Experts can learn the float & fly. This will teach you the trick to high bass numbers with ease which can be used anywhere, and even on the coldest of winter days.

2.Expert anglers can also enjoy fishing topwater or fishing streamers, while newer anglers can fish using much easier indicator tactics. The expert get's to enjoy a true fly cast, tugs, or topwater blowups. 

3. In the unique case of Lake Oroville, the day can be fully satisfying in the aspect of sight seeingalone. Bald Eagles, Ospreys, and Hawks, can be seen in abundance. Even Golden Eagles on a rare occasion. Deer, turkey, and squirrels hopping rocks on the bank can be seen around as well. Another fun aspect is the "air show", jets from Beale AFB that fly so low they're below the mountains on almost a daily basis at times. On top of all this, the lake in itself is truly a beautiful place for anyone.

4. In the unique case of Clear Lake, beginners and experts alike can have some SERIOUS fun throwing indicators. Although streamers will always be productive during the months I guide here. The difference in results for indicators vs streamers is streamers catch maybe 80% bass while indicators catch 30-100+ pretty giant crappie in a day, sometimes a bunch of bass too. On top of this, the bobber's have produced all of the Lake's largest fly caught largemouth so far... So beginners never know when a 7-10lb+ bass will be on the end of the line, sometime within the day's constant action... Does this not sound fun for experts too? 

5. Or experts and beginners can get 3 out of 4 all in one trip...

Either #1, #2, and #3 on Lake Oroville...

Or #1, #2, and #4 on Clear Lake...

Bring along anyone you wouldn't normally take fishing. Here are some ideas for fun and useful trips...

1. Bring a family member... Or bring a fishing buddy, and book a second boat for 2 family members! During the summer, the family can even enjoy swimming in the crystal clear water of Lake Oroville.

2.Bring your good friend along who enjoys the outdoors but has never fished, or fly fished. 

3. Couples trips are always an option! 

4. Make it a write off. Bring a business/work associate you'd like to do some bonding with. 

5. Do you know any kids who might benefit from a good day of fishing or just getting outdoors? Look no further. 

If your interested in this option, know a great youngster for this, but can't easily cover the full cost of a trip, please look into Cast Hope and signing up as a Volunteer/Mentor. Cast Hope is always looking for both Mentors and Mentees alike. These trips will be done for no cost, however donations to the oroganization are always GREATLY appreciated.


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Year round independent guide service. Feather River, Sacramento River, clear lake, & lake oroville


MY ABILITIES: Teaching beginners has become a specialty of mine. Cast Hope has REALLY helped me progress in my abilities for instruction. Absolutely zero fishing experience is needed for some trips I can offer. We can easily get people into great days who have never cast a rod before.