Born and raised in Chico, Mcginnis has been fishing and gold panning local waters around here his entire life. Taught by a family friend, Patrick began fly fishing and tying at the age of 8. Beginning with dries and streamers on the Middle and North Forks of the Feather River and tributaries, Butte Creek, Deer Creek, and Lake Almanor. 

In 2010, Patrick obtained a Bachelor's Degree from UC Davis in Animal Science with a minor in Psychology. He's worked 10 years in the Veterinary Field as a Vet Technician, and has since moved to the human medical field and is now a Critical Care Educator, specializing in CPR instruction. He also has experience working in Fish First Fly Shop. Patrick's medical teaching is a career that has a schedule very compatible as a part time guide. He can be flexible, especially with a week or two's notice.

With a complete arsenal to outfit anyone, and top quality gear. His collection includes predominately Sage One's, Winston's, Beulah rods, Redington, Hardy and Bauer reels.​​

Patrick is a very serious fly tier and has dedicated a huge amount of time and effort to this aspect of fly fishing, and it shows in his flies and the amount he's able to tie. Ryan admits he's learned ALLOT about tying from Patrick.


As an angler and guide, I'm constantly pushing my limits, studying new species, water, or 

scheming up new ways to get to fish.

Fly Fishing has absolutely consumed my life. In my off time, It's safe to say I'm prepping for my next trip in one way or another to make sure my customers' money will be well spent. But its what I love and I'll admit I'm a total fishing nerd! I truly feel zero urge to guide anywhere outside Northern California.Nor-Cal is where I want to be year round. There is just too much water to fish close by. I love the diverse fishing opportunities here in the North Valley, this is an extremely unique area for fishing, and I am very proud to call this area my home.


i believe in a unique and customized experience for each client. reasons for taking guided trips can vary greatly. wHether you simply want an entertaining day on the water, want to learn about a new fishery, learn new tactics, or new species, i will tailor each trip to your needs.

-15 years of serious fly fishing in Northern California. 
-15 years of fly tying.
-13 years rowing.
-13 years striper fly experience.
-8 years officially guiding.
-7 years john boat, jet boat, then bass boat operation.
-29 years old.

I grew up in Vacaville living 10 minutes from Putah Creek. I began my guiding career here as a high school student, working at Sweeneys Fly Shop in Napa. In 2009 I moved to Chico to pursue a degree in Sociology and fish. In 2011, I got a job at Fish First Fly Shop in Chico and decided to start up my guiding again officially on the Feather and Sac. I've since chose the life of a full time guide, and moved to Oroville in 2015.

I'm very proud to say I hold a guiding position for Cast Hope. I also hold a position guiding for Jack Trout and Off The Hook Fly Fishing.

I'm the pioneer of the float & fly with the fly rod/winter spotted bass with help from Kirby Faulkner, and I've contributed a ton to spotted bass on the fly in general in Northern California. I'm also a pioneer of Clear Lake with a fly rod (one of the countries top Largemouth fisheries).

I can guide dry flies, swinging, streamers/shooting heads, topwater bass, and of course nymphing. Also have the ability to guide for any species around here with the exception of carp. 

I have enough rods to cover any situation around here for two people. With top notch hand tied flies to back the rods up. A HUGE portion of my efforts go to fly tying. I used to paint, however now days all my artistic attention goes to fly tying. 

My business now consists of a drift boat for rivers, bass boat for still water, and a 3 man raft/pontoon for wheeling anywhere a launch isn't found.

Most importantly, I've been very lucky to have been taught and mentored by some people who I consider to be some of the best anglers and guides around.

I've fished hard for over a decade, teaching people all the while. I've had too much pride for a guide school, never tried to become a certified caster, cannot stay content making one species or area my specialty, I have no flies named after me, haven't been a big traveler, written no published articles, my tactics and ideas get ripped off by others, and I keep relatively quiet using no social media other than the Kiene's Message Board every once in a while... 

-Thank you for reading if you took the time!

​​​​​My name is Ryan Williams and I'm a complete fly fishing addict. I've been pursuing fish here in CA with a great passion the majority of my life. I'm privileged to have been helped by some truly great fisherman. There's no way I'd be able to fish the way I do without a little guidance from them all. 

Year round independent guide service. Feather River, Sacramento River, clear lake, & lake oroville


Patrick Mcginnis for 2 Boat Bass Trips:

Since 2014, Ryan has learned a great deal more about the float & fly through collaboration with Patrick. After Ryan, Patrick was the first person to start tying float & flies for the fly rod. So his expertise has been instrumental in the pioneering (or re-pioneering) of the Float & Fly technique. 

On top of helping Ryan dial the winter bass technique, Patrick has also been of great help in the process of pioneering Clear Lake with the fly rod. He is possibly the first person to land a 7lb+ there on a fly rod.

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