Photo Bob Winters taken by Trent Pridemore

Please reach out to me if you're possibly interested in a Fly Club Presentation on the topic of Clear Lake Crappie.


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Crappie goals are 50-100+ fish days!

Best option around for new anglers. Any age.

Fish are 1-2lbs+ Equivalent of 12-17" trout.

Anglers will catch bass targeting crappie. Good odds of monsters!

Clear Lake Crappie fishing is something I stumbled upon targeting bass. March-June there are so many of these fish around it can make the bass fishing downright hard because it's tough keeping these things off the line. They don't give bass a chance to eat the fly! This is the main reason I start going for bass starting in July, because there's less crappie around then. 

Clear Lake has got to be one of the best crappie fisheries in the world. It doesn't take much work to locate these fish, and when they're found, a take can be expected on just about every cast. It's like this throughout the entire lake.

3-4 weights are ideal for crappie. At any given point a big bass 6lb+ can take a crappie fly, or a big carp, or catfish, so when this happens it's nice to have a 5 or 6 weight. 3-4 weights are much more fun for crappie though, so anglers will have the choice of which rods they'd like to fish. I'll have everything from 3-6wts available on deck.

Best crappie tactic is the float & fly (indicators w/ jig flies). Indicators on top of ridiculous numbers of aggressive fish makes for very easy fishing for anyone.

I can show you how to come back and get these fish yourself. Because these fish are throughout the entire lake, anglers can take float tubes, pontoons, kayaks, etc. on calm days, or in areas cut out from the wind. There are many locations around the lake near boat launches and docks, completely out of the wind where crappie school up in great numbers. There's plenty of fish and locations for everyone, so I have no problem really giving you everything you need to know to target these fish independently.

Because these trips are so easy and laid back...

  I'm offering a 20% discount on all crappie trips.


Author, Educator, & longtime dedicated warm water fly angler Trent Pridemore in some up close bow & arrow casting. 

Year round independent guide service. Feather River, Sacramento River, clear lake, & lake oroville


If Crappie will give guide Ryan Johnston a smile, it's pretty safe to say they will for you too!

Clear Lake Crappie